Mrs Baker’s Company

Saturday 24th February 2024 at 7:30pm

We are sorry but this event has had to be cancelled. For refunds please email

Written and performed by Alison Neil
Directed by David Collison

Mrs Sarah Baker shone brightly as a theatre manager at the beginning of the 1800s.  She started performing as a child in her family’s troupe at the famous Sadlers Wells pleasure gardens.  She never learnt to read, but she could dance on a rope. Her family toured the country, eking out a living as entertainers, but classed as ‘rogues and vagabonds’ who could be run out of town or imprisoned at the whim of a local magistrate or mayor.

Sarah Baker formed her own company and struggled cheerfully to gain respect – and respectability – against almost impossible odds. Her fascinating story is that of the ‘strolling players’, a world of make-believe and slapstick, mixing with the highest and the lowest, providing a touch of magic wherever they stopped their wagons and erected a stage.

Sarah recounts her adventures in Alison Neil’s latest one-woman show.  Her struggles and triumphs are both moving and inspiring, and as Mrs Baker would say, shows what you can do with just three things: good health, good luck, hard work and some very good friends. 

She couldn’t add up, either.

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