The Odyssey – Greek Stuff!

by David Mynne

Saturday 25th March 2023


Unfortunately David has had to cancel his Spring Tour of the Odyssey so we are unable to present this show in March.
We hope to be able rearrange for a future date and you will be able to see him in December at the Market House in his one man production of A Christmas Carol

Based (very loosely!) on the epic poem by Homer, The Odyssey is the journey of all journeys…

From the company that brought you ‘A Christmas Carol’‘Great Expectations’, ‘Dracula‘ and ‘Canterbury Tales‘ comes a solo performance of ‘The Odyssey’; a tale more exciting than excitement itself.

To Hell and back again. Gods and Monsters. A love story that lasts decades.

This is proper Greek stuff (Sex! Swords! Sandals!) with all the boring bits removed! A host of characters, including the terrifying Sea God Poseidon, Circe the Sexy Sorceress and the dreaded Siren of the Sea (argghhh!), will conjure up a mighty storm and keep you on the edge of your seat.

A hulk of flesh,
Ship tall. Arms reaching to his knees.
Mouth, a gaping universe.
And in the middle of his foolish forehead
One. Single. Eye.

Directed by Simon Harvey, The Odyssey made its first appearance with a short tour in 2017. Now rewritten and reworked with even more Greek stuff than you can shake a stick at, veteran Cornish actor David Mynne returns once more!

Suitable for adults and older children (12+)

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Tickets can be bought online using the link below
or from the Market Stores, Minchinhampton (a couple of weeks before and cash only)

***********Please note the bar at this event accepts card payment only**********