Market House Heritage Lottery Fund Update

Two conditions need to be met before an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant can be considered by the Fund. 

Firstly, the title to the Market House must be registered at the Land Registry. The Parish Council are the custodians of the title deeds to the Market House. Therefore, the Trustees of the Market House must register the title with the Parish Council named as the custodian trustees in the Register. The Parish Council have asked the Trustees of the Market House charity to implement this. The Trustees agree, and are now waiting for the title deeds to be released by the Parish Council.

Secondly the Heritage Lottery Fund requires a commitment to match funding against any grant offer that they may be prepared to consider. This must be actual cash in the bank, or a commitment by the custodian trustees to underwrite that match funding if it is not raised from others during the development phase of the project. The Trustees have raised over £30,000 so far and are discussing the need for more match funds with the Parish Council.

In the meantime, damage to the cornice and gutters at the rear of the building are to be repaired in August.  

Both the registration costs and the repair costs will be met by the Market House Management Committee. Without the building being registered and match fund support, the Management Committee are unable to submit their Lottery Bid, which is ready to go.  We look forward to the Parish Council being able to support our lottery bid on behalf of all parishioners of Minchinhampton in order that the Market House can remain the premier venue within the town for both educational and recreational activities available to everyone.

The Trustees of the Market House will seek to agree support with the Parish Council to ensure the Market House meets the expectations of the community.

Janet Payne

Chairman of Minchinhampton Market House Trustees.